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Introducing the Value Acceleration Methodology

The EPI Value Acceleration Methodology™ is the overall process taught in the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program.  The Methodology creates a Master Plan for the business owner which integrates business, personal, and financial goals into their exit strategy. This process consists of three major components, referred to as the “three legs of the stool”: 1) Maximizing Business Value 2) Personal Financial Planning, and 3) Life After Business Planning.  The process teaches that exit strategy is business strategy.  It is about building, harvesting, and preserving family wealth for generations to come; and integrating best-in-class business practices into daily operations.  The Methodology focuses on enterprise value and is a revenue producing model for professional advisors.  It is also being adopted as industry-wide best practice by many leading organizations and has been featured on international platforms.


The Master Plan – Three Legs of the Stool 

“A Master Plan is a management and life planning system that not only helps business owners achieve a successful transition but helps the owner achieve best in class performance. Those who are business owners know that business is more than just about the money; its personal. By fully aligning all three legs of the stool, owners can fully realize their goal of not only succeeding in business but passing a legacy, protecting and maximizing family value and wealth, and achieving a fulfilled life in their third act.” – Peter G. Christman, CEPA, Co-Founder Exit Planning Institute

The concept of the Master Plan is based around ‘Three Legs of the Stool”

1. Maximize Value of the Business

2. Personal and Financial Planning

3. Develop Life Plan

Learn more about the concept of the Master Plan through Peter Christman’s book The Master Plan: Exit Strategy for Successful Business Owners.

Collaboration Among Advisors 

The primary objective of EPI is collaboration among advisors to work together to build trust and provide a comprehensive experience for the business owner.

“We teach teamwork in order to create the synergy needed to deliver the best process possible during a business ownership transfer.” – Christopher Snider, President, Exit Planning Institute

Exit planning is simply good business strategy.

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