It is time to create lasting, value-creating change in your business culture.

What is the difference between idea guys and game changers?  The ability to execute.

Chris Snider’s groundbreaking session, Relentless Execution, will motivate and inspire, while providing actionable takeaways that will change the way you look at your existing business rhythm and execution.  Moreover, you will learn how you can inspire lasting change in your key managers’ mindsets, while transforming your entire organization, using a Snider’s essential concept of adopting the practice of holding workshops, not meetings.  This topic is particularly critical for business owners considering transition or succession, as you will enforce new skills to create a culture that empowers employees to think and act more strategically while creating clear accountability, thereby driving results and the ability to get things done.

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Note from Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Author: Chris Snider

Your relationship to your business has a life cycle. By starting, buying, or owning your business, you have set yourself on a path. This path is leading you and your business toward your eventual exit. It is a fact. There will come a time when your most valuable asset will change hands. You will cease to be the owner. Whether that transition is successful is up to you.

I want you to unlock the wealth trapped in your business prior to your imminent exit and create the future and legacy you deserve. It is your destiny to grow the value of your most significant asset, harvest those riches, and enter the best act of your life. Snider Value Index is designed to give you the knowledge of value acceleration and exit planning necessary to take deliberate steps on your walk to destiny.

This site (and my book) was written for business owners by a business owner. Despite my years of consulting, I still view myself as an owner more than anything else. On top of that, I have evolved into the role of an educator and have found real passion in that. I felt compelled to write, to arm fellow business owners with the knowledge and understanding to recognize their potential, and to actually know how to execute tactics to grow and harvest the wealth locked in their businesses. It is also designed to bridge the understanding gap between advisors (who I train) and owners (who I am) and get them on the same page. I can tell you from an advisor perspective that the Value Acceleration Methodology has become the leading process for exit planning and is prominently utilized by exit planning advisors across the world. It’s a proven system to maximize value, grow income, and build a business that can run without you, even if you never plan to leave. Though I think you are naïve if you think you won’t ever exit your business, the business owner who never plans to leave needs a well-functioning, attractive business more than anyone.

I want to change the outcome for business owners who have invested their lives in their business. To do that, I need to change the paradigm of how exit planning is perceived by owners. Exit planning is good business strategy. Exit planning is now.

With readiness comes success, freedom, and wealth, and providing that roadmap on your walk to destiny is the purpose of Snider Value Index, my book, and my career.

Sincerely, Chris Snider

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