Business Valuation for Exit Planners

To the majority of business owners, their business is their life. They’ve poured their time and money to make sure their organization takes off. For most, the company is their largest asset. When they go to transition out of the company and into their third at, they often aren’t sure the value of their business. As our research shows, that only two out of 10 businesses that go on the market will actually sell. A full 80% will not. Business valuation is critical when selling a small business. During this webinar, Dan… Read More

Are All of These Advisors Exit Planners?

As the need for exit planning becomes more prevalent to business owners, the need for high caliber advisors rises as well. Over the past three years, the exit planning marketplace has experienced growth and change as it responds to the business owner’s needs. Those needs, in part, call for advisors to reinvent themselves into something more: The advisor of the future. A holistic business advisor. Not an accountant, not a wealth manager, not an investment banker or attorney. But more than that. A true and trusted advisor that an owner can turn… Read More

Marketing Strategy versus Client Delivery?

We want to market well. We want to sell better. Once we do, we want to be able to deliver our services efficiently (for the right price) #howtosellexit #EPI

Just Released: 2018 Regional State of Owner Readiness | Georgia

Are all markets created equal? Are all markets equally ready? Read about Georgia #EPI #ownerreadiness #changetheoutcome

An Educated Owner Becomes a Better Owner and a Better Client

Over time, we have learned from advisors who work with business owners in exit planning that education is the strongest service we can provide. Certainly, it’s an important first step, but throughout the entire process, we are educating owners on how to build value into both their business and personal lives as well as their personal financial plans. Education is the key to triggering owner action. According to the 2017 State of Owners Readiness research, we have found two critical trends emerge more noticeable than ever before. First, when owners were asked,… Read More

Making the most of your CEPA designation! Register early and gain free content!

Becoming a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) is the beginning of a new chapter in your business or practice. Most business owners have yet to think about the transition out of their business and when they do, it is often too late. Statistics show that only 20-30 percent of businesses that go to market actually sell (and family transition rates are even worse). According to the State of Owners Readiness research, 76 percent of national business owners indicated they would like to transition in the next ten years, while 48 percent indicated… Read More

New CEPA Training Location Announced: Phoenix, Arizona

CEPA program added for 2018….Phoenix, AZ!

Is there an Elephant in the Family Business?

Every family business struggles with challenges that no one wants to talk about.  Operating a business is hard enough, adding on the dynamics of working with relatives into the mix and it is easy to see how family businesses can struggle to effectively operate. Personal feelings can cloud judgment, foster resentment, and negatively impact how the business grows.  If problems are left to fester, the business can become a battleground.  When family businesses avoid discussing these critical issues, they miss business opportunities, lose money and damage relationships. These “elephants in the room” keep… Read More

Creating a Message That Cannot be Ignored

Connecting Communities and Changing Owner Outcomes: Wisconsin Chapter of EPI Expands Exit Planning Awareness with Virtual Education

Where have we been? Where are we headed? Watch the Annual EPI “State of the Institute” Broadcast with EPI VP, Scott Snider.

This broadcast is a good opportunity to revisit EPI’s brand promise.