The EPI Weekly Update: August 5

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This blog post has been contributed by the communication team at the Exit Planning Institute, an organization dedicated to providing the best industry content, ongoing practice support, and owner education to the middle market.


EPI VP, Snider, speaking on “Triggering Owner Action” in Indianapolis this month

The single biggest challenge facing exit planning advisors today is competition. But not your typical competition, not the “advisor next door.” You are up against the greater opponent: DOING NOTHING. We’ve all heard it from our business owner clients… “I’m not looking to make any shifts in the near future so this isn’t relevant for me.” “I’m sorry, but I’m too busy to worry about this.” Or even worse…[read full description]

Are you local to Central Indiana? Attend this session taught by Scott Snider, skilled business development expert, and learn how you can leverage the EPI platform to achieve your goals.


‘Triggering Owner Action. Moving a Marketplace.’ Event Details

Circle_ScottDate: Thursday, August 17, 2017

Time: 8:00 AM

Where: EPI Central Indiana Chapter Meeting

Register: Click this link to attend

EPI is your partner in exit planning. Use this opportunity to meet with Scott and discuss your firm’s goals to integrate exit planning into your retention and growth client strategy.


Real Stories. REAL Results. Learn more at the Summit. Register today.


The 2017 Exit Planning Summit brings together the top 150 exit planning advisors for transformational education. The theme is “Triggering Owner Action: Real Stories. Real Results” and attendees will come away with true strategies and insights on how to produce better results for themselves and their clients. Visit


90-Day Business Sprints_PresentationSlide

[Live Broadcast] Wed, Aug 9 at 1PM

Learn the concepts that accelerate business value and unlock the wealth housed in your business. And see those changes enhance your performance every 90 days using the Value Acceleration Methodology developed by thought leader and industry titan, Chris Snider, CEPA. Attend this webinar series every month to learn the 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, found in the award-winning book, Walking to Destiny!

Download the pre-read materials by clicking here.

Part 8: Relentless Execution (The Difference in Success)


Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Time: 1 PM ET

Download Materials: Click this link

Register: Click this link to attend


Have you missed the past 90-Day Business Sprint sessions? Not to worry! Download the recordings by clicking the links below! This is a great tool to educate your business owner clients and your internal teams on how to manage exit planning expectations and results.

  • Part 1: Introducing 90-Day SprintsOverview of 11 Actions an Owner Must Take [recording]
  • Part 2: Shifting the ParadigmExit Planning is Business Strategy [recording]
  • Part 3: Business is Personal Aligning the Three Legs [recording]
  • Part 4: Value AND IncomeFocus on the Goal: VALUE [recording]
  • Part 5: Present FocusExit is Now [recording]
  • Part 6: Five Stages of Value Creation [recording]
  • Part 7: TransferAbility Managing Intangible Capitals [recording]

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