Evolution: Sustaining Multi-Gen Businesses

One of the things that struck me this particular night was how the business has evolved over the years. It made me think that constant innovation is one of critical success factors to sustaining a multi-generational business. “Evolve” is the word that came to mind. Over the years there was a constant advancing of the existing products and services (the core business).

First Owner Roundtable Focus Group Established

Very excited to report that Mike Trabert (CEPA) of Skoda Minotti and I have established our first Owner Roundtable Focus Group in Northeast Ohio.

How Ready is Twin Cities to Exit?

According to the local market study of the Greater Minneapolis market, there is definite room for growth.

What do Dr. Martin Luther King, the Presidential Inauguration, Value Acceleration and exiting your business all have in common?

No, they don’t all happen in January. They all represent CHANGE.