First Owner Roundtable Focus Group Established

snider-graphicVery excited to report that Mike Trabert (CEPA) of Skoda Minotti and I have established our first Owner Roundtable Focus Group in Northeast Ohio. This group of owners have all completed the 5-Part Owner Roundtable Series on the 5 Stages of Value Maturity. Over the last 12 months we have taken 70 or so owners through the 5 Stages Owner Roundtables. In March, we held our first Reunion Roundtable and pitched the idea of forming a focus group that would go through the value acceleration process together as a peer group. Owners were asked to commit to the program for one-year. Each owner will complete a Triggering Event followed by nine peer to peer roundtables concluding with a re-score so we can measure their value gain over the period. 100% of the owners who completed our Value Maturity Roundtables would recommend the program to a fellow owner and over 95% rate the roundtables series as excellent. Congrats to Mike for his efforts to get owner into these roundtables and for organizing the focus group. I know he worked very hard to get the owners to commit and to get the buy-in from the partners at Skoda.

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