Exploring the Psychology Behind Exit Planning

Starting a business takes guts. Deciding to transition out of a business is just as courageous. Part of the exit planning process requires the advisors understand the motivations and psychology behind the business owner’s desires to transition out of their business. Exploring these motivations and getting inside the heads of the business owners is a much an art as it is a science. A successful business transition requires attention and understanding, not only to the financial side of the exit, but the way owners think. Work is work but for business owners,… Read More

Creating a Message That Cannot be Ignored

Connecting Communities and Changing Owner Outcomes: Wisconsin Chapter of EPI Expands Exit Planning Awareness with Virtual Education

Where have we been? Where are we headed? Watch the Annual EPI “State of the Institute” Broadcast with EPI VP, Scott Snider.

This broadcast is a good opportunity to revisit EPI’s brand promise.

The EPI Network Welcomes Its Newest Chapter!

The EPI Chapter Network has grown again! On November 10, our community welcomed the newest chapter to the network: Lehigh Valley!  With over 100 advisors in attendance, the Lehigh Valley Chapter Launch was an incredible event for motivation and connection.  The members of the Lehigh Valley chapter (and all chapters throughout the globe) will look to clarify and simplify the exit planning process and accessibility in their local market, as well as drive best practices in the advisor teams that serve the business owner community. Check out the featured article in the… Read More

One-Page Scorecard

The road to success is paved with good information. One-Page Scorecard Instructions Not registered for the 90-Day Business Sprint webinar series? Register now! Learn the concepts that accelerate business value and unlock the wealth housed in your business by attending the monthly 90-Day Business Sprints webinar series. Enact positive changes that will enhance your performance every 90 days using the Value Acceleration Methodology. Attend this webinar series every month to learn the 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth, found in the award-winning book, Walking to Destiny!… Read More

The Best Investment Buffett Ever Made

This article was contributed by author Scott Snider, EPI Vice President A trait consistently seen among the ultra-successful?  They self-educate by reading. This simple habit is powerful and the stories from some of the world’s most successful minds reinforce how making a commitment to reading is one of the best investments a professional can make. In a CNBC article on his live Facebook broadcast from Columbia University, Billionaire Warren Buffett discussed the book that changed his life: The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham published in 1949, sharing his philosophy on “value investing”… Read More

The Power of Idea Sharing: Exit Planning Awareness in Local Communities

Exit planning has the powerful to change the future. Check out these local thought leaders #BigIdeas #exitplanning

Define your business (#1)

Sometimes we need to stop and take the time to reflect on our business.

EPI’s Scott Snider on BusinessRadioX

Yesterday, Scott Snider, EPI Vice President, was interviewed by on High Velocity Radio, hosted by BusinesRadioX headquartered in Atlanta. 

Six Month Formula: 10 Exit Planning Advisors Who Captured the Eyes of The Marketplace

They started as a group talking about a good idea. Their group grew and they became a research team spreading awareness to their community. And now, these key advisors have emerged as thought leaders with more than 10,000 business owner subscribers having access to their articles every month.