Six Month Formula: 10 Exit Planning Advisors Who Captured the Eyes of The Marketplace

Article contributed by: K. Brooke Norman, Marketing Strategist

Question: How did a diverse, competitive group of advisors capture the eyes of the media and business owner community?

Answer: Integrated Collaboration.

[DEC 2016] The Launch.

Last year in Minneapolis, Julie Keyes, President of the EPI Twin Cities Metro Area and Founder of KeyeStrategies, joined the chapter network and immediately had sights on bringing the regional State of Owner Readiness™ (SOOR™) Survey to her local marketplace.

Month after month, she kept it top of mind: standing up at the beginning of every meeting encouraging advisors to get involved and building relationships with allied organizations.  And in December 2016, the Twin Cities Metro Chapter (alongside local supporting groups like ACG and AM&AA) launched the survey to the public.

[JAN 2017] Buzz grew.

As the survey rolled out, the publisher at the Minnesota Business Magazine noticed.  After connecting with the local and global leadership and recognized the significance of this “first-of-its-kind” data, they supported the research by circulating the link.  Impressions from business owners across Twin Cities skyrocketed and survey responses grew rapidly.

[MAR 2017] Results revealed.


At the Owners Forum hosted at the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center, Chris Snider took the stage and revealed the readiness results (or lack of readiness results).  Over 130 owners and advisors listened intently as Snider, and the ten experts from the Owners Forum Council, taught the Value Acceleration Methodology and empowered owners to take the information they learned and take proactive steps to grow value, unlock wealth, and ensure options.  The event was designed to bring awareness, build rapport, and heighten interest.  But it didn’t stop there.

[MAY 2017] Thought Leadership achieved.

Earlier this month, Minnesota Business Magazine launched the new expert thought leadership column dedicated to exit planning and who are the subject matter experts invited as contributors?  The EPI Twin Cities Chapter Advisors and the SOOR Owners Forum Council!

These collaborative advisors, working as a team with common goals of changing outcomes for local business owners and powered by EPI, did something incredible.

They started as a group talking about a good idea.


Their group grew and they became a research team spreading awareness to their community.


Harnessing their strategic specialties and expertise, they took the stage as speakers at a marquee value acceleration event.


And now, these key advisors have emerged as thought leaders with more than 10,000 business owner subscribers having access to their articles every month.

Talk about breaking down silos and delivering results.  Well done, Twin Cities, you’ve got the industry’s attention.  We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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