Exit Planning Timeline: Why You Should Start Early

Exit planning in advance can assist with making overall quality business decisions. When keeping your exit in mind, you are taking charge and managing the business that you will eventually sell.

Are You Ready? 10 Ways to Check If You Are.

In preparation of the questions for the State of the Owner Readiness Survey, one of the team members asked me what seemed like an obvious question, “What does ‘ready’ mean?” or “How do we define ‘ready’?”

That seemed like a simple and obvious question that deserved an answer. So, I put together a set of 10 simple statements to help owners determine what they need to accomplish to be considered prepared or “ready” to transition their businesses. Use this as a simple checklist.

Six Month Formula: 10 Exit Planning Advisors Who Captured the Eyes of The Marketplace

They started as a group talking about a good idea. Their group grew and they became a research team spreading awareness to their community. And now, these key advisors have emerged as thought leaders with more than 10,000 business owner subscribers having access to their articles every month.

Personal Contingency Planning

Most business owners are very good at contingency planning. They plan for every possibility imaginable, but surprisingly few business owners plan for the one thing that is certain: their eventual death or disability.

AM&AA 2016 Thought Leader of the Year Finalist

It was a big month for Chris Snider, as both an author and an industry leader! We were proud to share a great review from Pepperdine University earlier in the week [read full review here] and shortly after that, we received an exciting announcement! We are excited to announce that our CEO/President, Chris Snider, has been selected as a finalist for The Alliance’s 2016 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year Award for his new book, “Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth.” In… Read More

“Thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating material” -GBR

A Great Review from Graziadio Business Review | Pepperdine University John J. Scully, PhD., CPA, and book reviewer for Graziadio Business Review for Pepperdine University posted a review of Chris Snider’s book, Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth recently and rated it four stars and bookmarked it as “thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating material”! It was a great summary and review of the book and captured Chris’s purpose. Here’s a blurb from the post: “…the text’s strength resides in helping the seller to prepare… Read More

The Five Stages of Value Maturity

Most business owners did not start their business with the end in mind – the idea of selling it at a premium someday. How important is the business to the owner’s wealth plan?

The Cost of Not Having a Master or Exit Plan

Written by Peter G. Christman, CEPA, Co-Founder, Exit Planning Institute Not too long ago, a CEPA emailed me and asked, “what is the cost of not having an exit plan or master plan?”  I thought that was a great “ask” because I have never seen that question quantified.  I wrote and told him I needed to think over that question.  This is an attempt to provide that CEPA with some kind of intelligent answer. My immediate response to the cost question is a common answer in the business of Master Planning, “it… Read More