Exit Planning Institute in the News

This week, members of the Exit Planning community sat down with their local media to discuss the need of starting the exit planning conversations early. BNY Mellon, EPI launch owner readiness survey – NJBiz  Middle-market business owners in New Jersey need to focus more on their exit plans, even if they are not looking to sell their businesses any time soon. That’s the wake-up call the Exit Planning Institute and BNY Mellon Wealth Management hope to deliver as they conduct their State of Owner Readiness survey in New Jersey. The survey aims to find out how… Read More

Just Released: 2018 Regional State of Owner Readiness | Long Island

The State of Owner Readiness™ (SOOR) Survey is a research study that collects business attractiveness and owner readiness data for the middle market on a national level. This information is powerful and from that first national survey, conducted in 2013, the movement has taken off. This release marks the first regional research EPI will release this year! This report was co-authored by EPI CEO Chris Snider and Dr. Richard Chan of Stony Brook University College of Business, with leadership and contributions by the newest EPI chapter president to join the network, Daniel… Read More

ICYMI: An Interview with Chris Snider

Chris Snider, CEO, and President of Exit Planning Institute is an award-winning author and creator of the Value Acceleration Methodology. He recently sat down with two members of the exit planning community to share his thoughts, insights, and ideas with the community. Walking to Destiny with Chris Snider I met author Chris Snider at Exit Planning Institute meeting here in San Diego.  As I listened to him speak, everything he was saying resonated with me personally and professionally.  How many of you reading this blog entry have businesses and are making an effort to build… Read More

The Secret Power of Story Telling in Exit Planning and Master Business Planning

What is your favorite family story? Mine is a story regarding my Great Aunt Margaret. Margaret was sixteen, unemployed, and in charge of her three siblings in rural Oklahoma after her mother disappeared in the mid-1930’s. Needing money, Margaret had heard that there were factory jobs in California, so she rode in the back of a truck for three days with no food to get to California. Shortly after arriving, she interviewed with a nice man, Herman, who was eating lunch at the time.  While Herman interviewed her, Margaret mostly stared at… Read More

Applying the Formula for Luck

Thomas Jefferson believes in luck and Oprah Winfrey does not. Yet both believe that luck has the same formula. How lucky are you? #exitplanning #hardwork #lucky #changetheoutcome #epi

Meet the 2018 Exit Planning Summit Title Partner

It is my pleasure to introduce our 2018 Exit Planning Summit Title Partner: BNY Mellon Wealth Management! BNY Mellon Wealth Management strives to work collaboratively with advisors and owners to create strategies that expand exit options and provide holistic solutions. For the second year in a row, their experts and educators will join the Summit to collaborate, educate, provide insights, and grow with CEPAs and advisors from all regions and disciplines this September in Nashville. At EPI, we strive to bring together leading advisors, firms, and providers who are bound together with… Read More

65 Advisors. 25 US States. 3 Countries. 1 Goal: Change the Outcome.

EPI completed the first CEPA program of the year in February and this week 65 advisors passed their proctored examination and have earned the most widely endorsed and accepted exit planning designation in the industry: The Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). This program also introduced two new members to the expert faculty: Julie Keyes, CEPA, Founder of KeyeStrategies, instructing advisors on how to effectively build, nurture, and monetize opportunity within the Teams & Collaboration module, and Judi Cunningham, MA, FEA, Founder of the Cox Family Enterprise Center | Kennesaw State University, Coles… Read More

8 Things That Drive the Value of a Business

There is no right way to value a business. In fact, as an advisor, you know that what works for one client might not work for another. The same can be said for adding value to a business. The value of a business can mean different things to different people but, at the end of the day, buyers pay more for profitable businesses that are growing quickly. What do you say? Make more money? Hire better people? Those things are a given and you’d be hard-pressed to find an owner who wouldn’t… Read More

12 Recordings for Growing Value

We’ve curated the 12 recordings to inspire change and activate the 11 actions it takes to grow value (rapidly) and release (trapped) wealth. #exitplanning

Exploring the Psychology Behind Exit Planning

Starting a business takes guts. Deciding to transition out of a business is just as courageous. Part of the exit planning process requires the advisors understand the motivations and psychology behind the business owner’s desires to transition out of their business. Exploring these motivations and getting inside the heads of the business owners is a much an art as it is a science. A successful business transition requires attention and understanding, not only to the financial side of the exit, but the way owners think. Work is work but for business owners,… Read More