Just Released: 2018 Regional State of Owner Readiness | Long Island

The State of Owner Readiness™ (SOOR) Survey is a research study that collects business attractiveness and owner readiness data for the middle market on a national level. This information is powerful and from that first national survey, conducted in 2013, the movement has taken off. This release marks the first regional research EPI will release this year! This report was co-authored by EPI CEO Chris Snider and Dr. Richard Chan of Stony Brook University College of Business, with leadership and contributions by the newest EPI chapter president to join the network, Daniel… Read More

Just Released: 2018 Regional State of Owner Readiness | Georgia

Are all markets created equal? Are all markets equally ready? Read about Georgia #EPI #ownerreadiness #changetheoutcome

Where have we been? Where are we headed? Watch the Annual EPI “State of the Institute” Broadcast with EPI VP, Scott Snider.

This broadcast is a good opportunity to revisit EPI’s brand promise.

The Power of Idea Sharing: Exit Planning Awareness in Local Communities

Exit planning has the powerful to change the future. Check out these local thought leaders #BigIdeas #exitplanning

The Four Things Your Business and Apple Have in Common

If you look at the top 10 most valuable companies today, what do they all have in common? And what do they have in common with your business?

EPI’s Scott Snider on BusinessRadioX

Yesterday, Scott Snider, EPI Vice President, was interviewed by on High Velocity Radio, hosted by BusinesRadioX headquartered in Atlanta. 

Are You Ready? 10 Ways to Check If You Are.

In preparation of the questions for the State of the Owner Readiness Survey, one of the team members asked me what seemed like an obvious question, “What does ‘ready’ mean?” or “How do we define ‘ready’?”

That seemed like a simple and obvious question that deserved an answer. So, I put together a set of 10 simple statements to help owners determine what they need to accomplish to be considered prepared or “ready” to transition their businesses. Use this as a simple checklist.

Six Month Formula: 10 Exit Planning Advisors Who Captured the Eyes of The Marketplace

They started as a group talking about a good idea. Their group grew and they became a research team spreading awareness to their community. And now, these key advisors have emerged as thought leaders with more than 10,000 business owner subscribers having access to their articles every month.

Evolution: Sustaining Multi-Gen Businesses

One of the things that struck me this particular night was how the business has evolved over the years. It made me think that constant innovation is one of critical success factors to sustaining a multi-generational business. “Evolve” is the word that came to mind. Over the years there was a constant advancing of the existing products and services (the core business).

Personal Contingency Planning

Most business owners are very good at contingency planning. They plan for every possibility imaginable, but surprisingly few business owners plan for the one thing that is certain: their eventual death or disability.