The Power of Idea Sharing: Exit Planning Awareness in Local Communities

What makes sharing an idea so powerful and how is that tied to buy-in, action, and change?

When a speaker or leader shares an idea that challenges the status quo, it reveals a disconnection in the listener’s current view which causes their brain to feel curious as they seek to repair the gap of knowledge.  And as that leader leads the listener through the idea piece-by-piece in a language they understand, the connection between the idea and the listener’s view begins to form.  And once the idea is shared effectively, it becomes a gift.  It becomes the catalyst to change the future by empowering the listener to see things from a new, more informed, expanded point of view.  An idea can start the listener down a path to change the outcome.

Exit planning is one of those major ideas that shifts a paradigm, changes an owner’s point of view, and provides them access to a better future.  And EPI is proud to report that in the industry today, advisors from across the world are spreading awareness through thought leadership, education, and the sharing of important ideas with the business owner community.

To help contribute to the power of CEPAs and advisors everywhere, EPI uses the State of Owner Readiness Research to educate whole communities and start the dialogue of new ideas by challenging where owners are today versus where they could be.

One great example to highlight this week is from the Central Pennsylvania area with a diverse group of advisors who are bringing thought leadership to the business market in significant ways.


Check out the Owner Readiness Research, produced in partnership with the Central Penn Business Journal, who surveyed their market and created an Expert Roundtable Article to discuss “Planning for Business Succession” in their community.

And this is just one example of advisors making an impact in creating a message that can’t be ignored.  EPI experiences these acts every day, from thousands of advisors and leaders across the globe, who are truly changing outcomes through thought leadership.  Exit planning is business strategy and thanks to leaders like these, more owners have an opportunity to expand their perspective and walk a path that leads them to the destiny they deserve.  Well done, Pennsylvania.


Do you have a story to share with EPI on how you and/or your firm are making an impact in your local community using exit planning?  Reach out to Scott Snider, EPI Vice President, and share your efforts and successes.  We are your partner in exit planning and value acceleration.

About Exit Planning Institute:

EPI LogoThe Exit Planning Institute (EPI) is an education company that provides exit planning education to advisors and middle market business owners.  We view exit planning as a strategy, not an event.

EPI leads the professional services profession with the best industry content, ongoing support, and owner education platform, all of which align with our mission: Change the outcome.

Only 2 out of every 10 businesses that come to market actually sell.  We want to increase the number of saleable businesses.

Only 30% of family businesses successfully transition to the second generation, only 12% transfer to the third, and the success rates diminish from there.  We want to improve those intergenerational transitions.

Of those that succeed in the sale of their business, 75% experience “profound regret” within one year of exiting their business.  We want to understand why and create strategies that achieve profound success, wealth, and satisfaction.

EPI is an education company, powered by an elite community of top advisors and owners, all focused toward creating a valuable, transferable future for the business marketplace.

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