The Four Things Your Business and Apple Have in Common

If you look at the top 10 most valuable companies today, what do they all have in common? And what do they have in common with your business?


Data from Forbes 2016 Top 10 Most Valued Brands on the Market

You might think that it is innovation, exciting product lines, or dumb luck.  But, their value has much more to do with their transferable value; their level of attractiveness and readiness in the marketplace. The truth is, you can rapidly grow value and unlock wealth by adopting value growth strategies in your business, too.

So, what do you and Apple © have in common?  The Four C’s.

Every business’s value is directly tied to the strength of these four factors: Human capital (their people), Structural capital (their processes), Customer capital (their relationships), and Social capital (their culture).  We call these four “knowledge assets” the Four C’s.  Every company has them…but not every company excels at managing them.

The top brands in the world have remarkably valuable Four C’s and whether you realize it or not, your ability to manage your intangible capital will improve your business performance today and provide you greater options in the future.  Companies that learn how to manage and accelerate value from the experts at EPI (Exit Planning Institute) experience massive results, consistently growing business value by three to five times in as little as two years.

“I’ve upped my revenue projections. Been around a long time and [these concepts] have changed the way I look at my business. I use the ‘Workshops, Not Meetings’ model to get the team thinking like owners and now we’re hitting numbers we have never hit in the history of our company.” –Mark Bassett, Founder & CEO, Bassett Sprinkler Protection, Inc, a prominent fire protection organization

The Exit Planning Institute, alongside a team of business value experts, are pleased to invite you to an exclusive event for owners and their key teams who want to increase business value and rapidly grow performance.  The 2017 Owners Forum.  This action-packed day includes five sessions that you want to know about the value of your company today, strategies to increase your value in the immediate future, and what buyers look for.

Why Attend?

You are an owner considering a transition.

Statistics show that only 2 out of every 10 middle market businesses successfully sell (even fewer survive intergenerational transition).  The point is, when it comes to transition, no one is too big to fail.  The Owners Forum is your ‘one-stop’ to learn everything you need to know about getting the most wealth from your business while ensuring the vitality of your company, achieving security for your family, and positioning opportunity for your employees.

You are a key man who has the influence to grow your company.

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop an “owner mindset” and learn what it takes to manage value, not income.  Successful business owners have a lot at stake with a community of people depending on them. Your ability to think strategically, inject unique vision, and navigate this transition will become what makes you invaluable.

Change the way you look at business strategy forever.

Be the next Apple © when it comes to business value.  Dominate your industry and marketplace using exit planning strategies to create a company with staying power.  Exit planning is just good business strategy as it creates a business with strong people, great systems, entangled clients, and infectious culture.  Whether your business is at the beginning, middle, or transition stage of its lifecycle, the Owners Forum will deliver the knowledge you and your team needs to grow value and income.  Learn how to attract and retain good people.  Develop the skills to deepen customer relationships.  Translate the company know-how from “all up here (as you tap your head)” while taking protective measures to reduce risk.  Create a culture that produces predictable (and remarkable) results and creates ownership thinking.  Learn this and more at the Owners Forum in your area.

Want to learn more about our education for Owners and their teams?

Measure Your Readiness.

Visit and take the State of Owner Readiness Survey in your area to learn how your everyday decisions impact your business value in both attractiveness and readiness.  The results of your local research will be released live at the Owners Forum!

Attend the Event.

Every Owners Forum event provides a key lineup of action-creating education all around addressing your top business issues and value killers.  Learn more by visiting for information about events in your area. Register online now.

Read the Book.

Chris Snider, CEO of the Exit Planning Institute and award-winning author, wrote the definitive guide to value acceleration: Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value and Unlock Wealth, and you can order your copy by clicking here.

Explore the Experts.

We believe in bringing the best quality, proven education possible to the business community.  Experience the expertise of our speakers and thought leaders.  Meet experts that can expand your knowledge and ask the right questions.  Surround yourself with the best in the business.  Explore our partnerships at

Meet the EPI Team.

The leaders at EPI are always available to help you understand where our education fits in your professional development needs. Want to learn more about who attends the Owners Forum?  Want to send your right-hand man or key leaders so you can enhance their abilities to think like you?  Are you a rising leader in your organization that is teed up to take over the business and wants to know more about how this training will help you?  Call us at (216) 712-4244 or email Josh Koza at

Make a Change.

“Begin with the end in mind.” And Covey was right. Stop thinking of exit planning as the “end.” Exit planning is nothing more than good business strategy.  Whether you plan to transition one, five, or 10 years from now, having an attractive and ready business is your path to higher value and more income.  Exit Planning Institute is here to help you succeed at succession.  Learn more at

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