8 Things That Drive the Value of a Business

There is no right way to value a business. In fact, as an advisor, you know that what works for one client might not work for another. The same can be said for adding value to a business. The value of a business can mean different things to different people but, at the end of the day, buyers pay more for profitable businesses that are growing quickly. What do you say? Make more money? Hire better people? Those things are a given and you’d be hard-pressed to find an owner who wouldn’t… Read More

12 Recordings for Growing Value

We’ve curated the 12 recordings to inspire change and activate the 11 actions it takes to grow value (rapidly) and release (trapped) wealth. #exitplanning

An Educated Owner Becomes a Better Owner and a Better Client

Over time, we have learned from advisors who work with business owners in exit planning that education is the strongest service we can provide. Certainly, it’s an important first step, but throughout the entire process, we are educating owners on how to build value into both their business and personal lives as well as their personal financial plans. Education is the key to triggering owner action. According to the 2017 State of Owners Readiness research, we have found two critical trends emerge more noticeable than ever before. First, when owners were asked,… Read More

UW Madison – Family Business Center

As part of my presentation at University of Wisconsin – Madison Family Business Center, I will be utilizing these exercises:   Opening Quiz – Eye-opening overview of the marketplace. Exercise – The Four Capitals – Self-assessment scoring exercise on the four capitals that make every business valuable (or not!). Attractiveness vs Readiness – Abbreviated worksheet on identifying the potential Value Gap in transitioning your business.   About Exit Planning Institute: The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) is an education company that provides exit planning education to advisors and middle market business owners.  We view exit planning… Read More

You only exit once…unless you PE Recap! Check out new article from Divestopedia and join an upcoming webinar with KLH Capital.

Its all about Recaps this week. Check out thought leadership from Divestopedia and KLH Capital.

What impact does culture actually have on business value?

What impact does culture actually have on business value? Well, studies show that 70-80% of all integrations fail, often due to cultural mismatch.

Educating CEOs Worldwide on How the Triggering Event Adds Business Value

Check out a feature by CEO WORLD on how the Triggering Event Adds Buiness Value #exitplanning

The thing about strategy.

Most strategies are not wrong. But they still fail. Why?


Let’s run 5x5x5. List some things you could do raise your revenue by 5% over the next year.

Make a list of risk.

Make a list of risks from a personal, financial, and business standpoint.