Six Month Formula: 10 Exit Planning Advisors Who Captured the Eyes of The Marketplace

They started as a group talking about a good idea. Their group grew and they became a research team spreading awareness to their community. And now, these key advisors have emerged as thought leaders with more than 10,000 business owner subscribers having access to their articles every month.

Evolution: Sustaining Multi-Gen Businesses

One of the things that struck me this particular night was how the business has evolved over the years. It made me think that constant innovation is one of critical success factors to sustaining a multi-generational business. “Evolve” is the word that came to mind. Over the years there was a constant advancing of the existing products and services (the core business).

The Snider Family Band

I think it’s important that we remain connected to history; our roots and where we have come from. I believe it gives us better perspective of where we are now and how blessed we are that that generation, the Greatest Generation, made the sacrifices they made to pave the way for the blessing we have today in this great country. Think about how things might be different if that generation had not done what they did. I wonder sometimes if our present generations would be willing to make the same sacrifices given similar circumstances. Let’s hope we are never again tested that way.