Build personal financial independence (part 4 of Start-Stop exercise)

Are you dependent on the income from your business?

Do “Start-Stop” about you as the owner.

Time to evaluate yourself. This is part three of completing a thorough “Start-Stop” Workshop.

Look at Start-Stop from your client’s POV.

Look at Start-Stop from your customer’s point-of-view. That’s the lens that matters.

Do a Start-Stop Workshop.

Complete a start-stop workshop with your key employees by asking the following three questions…

Define 3-5 strategic capabilities.

Define 3-5 strategic capabilities (skills, processes, systems, relationships ) your company needs. Can your staff articulate…

Hunter or Farmer?

Hunter or farmer? The truth? The company is there to support the hunter.

Write a SWOT Analysis with your team.

Doing this as a team exercise improves your ability to create employees who think like owners.

Hold a Critical Numbers Workshop.

Want big results? Host a company review with management.

Identify the threats of new entrants to your market.

Porter’s 5 Forces is a powerful tool for assessing the strengths and weakness of your business

Name a few supplemental business opportunities, if any.

Name a few supplemental business opportunities, if any.