Name no more than 10 KPIs.

Don’t overcomplicate. You’d be stunned at how many owners struggle to limit KPIs to the top 10.

Name five Critical Success Factors.

CSFs are action critical to successful management of your key business drivers.

Define your sales channels now.

Define your sales channels by creating a customer profile and a go-to-market approach for each

Define your business (#1)

Sometimes we need to stop and take the time to reflect on our business.

Does your company hit the goals?

Ask yourself: Does my company regularly produce expected results?

Simply, read up on your exit options.

Are you aware of all your exit options? You might have more options than you think.

Identify ways to protect assets and utilize tax benefits.

Prior to monetizing the value of the business, attention needs to be focused on how you manage the wealth that will be extracted

Determine if family transition is in the cards.

Determine if family transition is in the cards. Do you know the 12 questions smart families ask themselves?

Write your 2-5 year strategic plan.

Do you have a written plan that maps out where you need to be in the next couple years?

Complete a “Reverse Review.”

Complete a “Reverse Review.” An owner (and their successor) needs to know their numbers.