Marketing Strategy versus Client Delivery?

We want to market well. We want to sell better. Once we do, we want to be able to deliver our services efficiently (for the right price) #howtosellexit #EPI

EPI welcomes a new member to the Global Office marketing team!

To maintain the rapid growth that EPI has experienced and increase marketing and media support, EPI introduces you to Lauren Crowe, EPI Marketing Coordinator!

What impact does culture actually have on business value?

What impact does culture actually have on business value? Well, studies show that 70-80% of all integrations fail, often due to cultural mismatch.

Define 3-5 strategic capabilities.

Define 3-5 strategic capabilities (skills, processes, systems, relationships ) your company needs. Can your staff articulate…

Hunter or Farmer?

Hunter or farmer? The truth? The company is there to support the hunter.

Write a SWOT Analysis with your team.

Doing this as a team exercise improves your ability to create employees who think like owners.

Hold a Critical Numbers Workshop.

Want big results? Host a company review with management.

Gen Z…the next great generation?

There is some disagreement on Millennials and Gen Zers. Who is the better generation?