Post-CEPA Thoughts – Leaving It All on The Field

Last week at my flagship company (Exit Planning Institute), we completed our 28th CEPA program. CEPA programs are always the highlight of my year. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love.

An exceptional group of professionals.

The first thing that comes to mind as I reflect on it is “Exceptional Class.” The class of May 2017 included eight different professional disciplines from three countries and 12 states.

What makes a great CEPA program comes down to how well the class interacts with the faculty and each other…and this class left it all on the field. They had plenty of questions and you could tell they were really digesting the information that was being poured onto them from all angles.

Some have described CEPA as “drinking water from a fire hose.” Ha!  One attendee wrote me on Friday, said he “needed to buy another seat on the plane ride home for his head.” Another wrote me on Memorial Day, said he couldn’t wait to get back into the office and begin using what he had learned. CEPA had fired him up!

Working with billions of dollars in value.

I estimated that this class was working with business owners with at least $2 billion in business value. It’s a shame to think that based on historical transition success rates only $500 million of that will be realized. But if the CEPAs from this class can just double the success rates for their clients, they could help owners realize another $500 million in value. Their potential impact is immense. And this is from just one class.

Overall I estimate that CEPAs are directly involved with at least $30-60 billion in business value. If our CEPA community can meet our objectives, which is to improve success rates to 50-60%, the EPI community has the potential to help owners harvest an additional $10-20 billion of wealth.

The economic impact of that cause is obvious. But just as important is the impact this would have on our communities. Laura Malone, who teaches Charitable Intent, pointed out that 70% of business owners are charitably inclined. Imagine the social impact that an additional $10-20 billion in wealth would have to charitable endeavors in our communities. Clearly, this is a worthy cause.

Other noteworthy moments during the week.

Tuesday night’s EPI Chicago Chapter Social hosted by local president Barry Goodman was another smashing success. The social gives the students a great opportunity see a chapter in action and mingle with other seasoned CEPAs.

Another highlight of the week was my appearance on Critical Mass Radio Show on Tuesday night. You can listen to the podcast at and review an article on the takeaways at

Full of gratitude.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 13 all-star faculty members representing six states and Mexico. They really do a great job. Many have been involved with the CEPA program since its inception in 2007. This program’s faculty included Scott Snider, Peter Christman, Mike Foltz, Jim King, Laura Malone, Scott Miller, Ken Sanginario, Sean Hutchinson, Bobby Kingsbury, Dennis Roberts, Emily Bouchard, and Brooke Norman.


And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wonderful and dedicated EPI staff (Scott, Brooke, Josh, Drew and Dan) who all play a role in putting this program together. It’s a major production and we take great pride in our effort to offer a first class and compelling experience for the students and faculty.

Looking forward to our 29th program at the University of San Francisco this summer!

Change the Outcome!

Chris Snider, CEO and President, Exit Planning Institute

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