EPI Thought Leadership in Action: Owner Education Events on the Horizon

Over the next ninety days, EPI and CEPAs across the country are teaming up to bring action-creating education to owners and professional development and network building events to advisors!  There is an exciting lineup of releasing research studies, Owners Forums; awareness events, Chapter launches; and private Trade engagements up ahead.  To keep you in the know, we would like to share what’s on our next “90-Day Sprint.”

In collaboration with partners across the country, Chris Snider, EPI CEO, 2016 AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year, and award-winning author of Walking to Destiny, will travel to teach owners the Five Stages of Value Maturity and empower them with keynote speeches on “The Four C’s: How Your Intangible Capitals Drive (or Kill) Your Business Value” in the following cities/events:


  • OCT 3 | Nashville: 2017 GPI Semi-Annual Meeting (**Private owner event)
  • OCT 6 | Scottsdale: 2017 Arizona Owners Forum [see event details]
  • OCT 10 | Camp Hill: Critical Issues Impacting Family-Owned and Closely Held Businesses: Building Value Event (**Private owner event)
  • OCT 11 | Manhattan: New York City Business Owners Forum [see event details]
  • OCT 19 | Los Angeles: 2017 Greater Los Angeles Owners Forum [see event details]
  • OCT 23 | Indianapolis: 2017 Indiana Owners Forum [see event details]
  • OCT 30 | Atlanta: 2017 Georgia Owners Forum [see event details]
  • NOV 9 | Lehigh Valley: 2017 Legacy Planning Partners Signature Event (**Private owner event)
  • NOV 10 | Lehigh Valley: EPI Lehigh Valley Chapter Launch & Awareness Event [see event details]
  • DEC 4 | Washington, DC: 2017 Capitol Region Owners Forum [see event details]


On top of Chris’s jet-setting schedule, leaders like Scott Snider, K. Brooke Norman, and Sean Hutchinson will bounce around the country to educate owners and advisors alike on important exit planning and market distinction topics:


  • OCT 13 | Dallas: At a special event for local business owners and their trusted advisors, Sean Hutchinson, 2015 Exit Planner of the Year, will break down “Why Transition Readiness Counts” regardless of your current exit plans. [see event details]


  • OCT 20 | Cleveland: At the 2017 Chief Executive Boards International Fall Summit, Brooke Norman, EPI Marketing Vice President, will speak on “Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks” during the closing keynote session for an audience of middle market business owners from across the country interested in heightening their digital marketing know-how. (**Private owner event)


  • DEC 7 | Orange County: To close out the “year of the owner,” Scott Snider, EPI Senior Vice President, will speak to the advisors, exiting owners, and national media at Southern California Chapter Year-End Meeting and will forecast insights to guide your strategy for 2018. [see event details]


To achieve optimal accelerated value results, you can educate business owners on why to and how to implement exit planning strategies that will help them solve their most immediate problems.  These owner-facing educational initiatives further display how advisors across the country are adopting a new way of engaging their clients and are on a path to play a major role in the $10 trillion-dollar opportunity.

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