Congratulations to Chris Snider…Thought Leader of the Year!

It has been an exciting year for Chris Snider, as both an author and an industry leader! We were proud to stack five-star review after five-star review, receive a rave review from Pepperdine University [read full review here], win the prestigious “Industry Titan” award from NACVA, and just last week, Chris received this honor for his work on his book!


We are excited to announce that our CEO/President, Chris Snider, has been named The Alliance’s 2016 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year Award for his new book, “Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth.” In the official announcement, they cited Chris’ written work as a contribution that “empowers business owners and advisors to proactively embrace exit planning as a management and life planning system that enables best-in-class performance in the owner’s financial, business and personal life.”

Snider has been working tirelessly since purchasing the Exit Planning Institute to connect advisors and owners in a common platform where they understand the same concepts and methodologies, so they can better accomplish goals of value acceleration and successful transition planning.  Publishing “Walking to Destiny” was a perfect example of investing in this platform.  Chris wrote the book for owners, educating them on the concepts talk at CEPA and helping them abandon fears that keep them from making good strategic decisions and changing the paradigm of what exit planning really is.  I’ll say it again: Exit planning is simply good business strategy.

Thank you for your support in this marquee year! If you’d like to get a copy of Walking to Destiny for yourself (or for your business owner clients) and learn from the expert on how to grow your business, visit our Walking to Destiny Resources page!


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