Where do you dominate?

Name 2-3 key competitive strengths of your business from customer point of view.

The Real Number you need to know.

The real number versus the tax number. Do you know them both? Do you know the difference?

The thing about strategy.

Most strategies are not wrong. But they still fail. Why?


Let’s run 5x5x5. List some things you could do raise your revenue by 5% over the next year.

Make a list of risk.

Make a list of risks from a personal, financial, and business standpoint.

Write a Brand Statement.

You should be able to express your brand promise on one sheet of paper.

Challenge your value proposition…is it clear?

Now honestly ask yourself, do my customers really understand our value proposition?

Write a Contingency Letter.

Do you have instructions to your loved ones regarding what they should do to fill your shoes?

Calculate the length of your third act.

Have you calculated the length of your third act?

Define two critical numbers. Only two.

It is actually pretty hard to limit yourself to two.